Why do levi and mikasa have the same name?

The same power surge, that both seemed to share with Kenny, was proof enough for them that they are relatives, albeit distant ones. Mikasa inherited her name from her father, while Levi inherited his name from his mother’s side, as his biological father was never revealed. Kenny Ackerman was revealed to be Levi’s uncle.

Are levi and mikasa related?

Technically, yes they are, although neither are sure how closely. It has never been revealed by the manga’s writer, Hajime Isayama, just how closely Levi and Mikasa are related.

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Mikasa and Levi are second cousins. If you watch closely in s3, Kenny once told grandpa Ackerman in his death bed that he found his cousin in shiganshina. Mikasa’s father is the only ackerman living in shiganshina that time along with his wife who’s a descendant of oriental clan.

Are Levi and Mikasa siblings?

Levi is NOT Mikasa’s brother and they are NOT siblings . Levi and Mikasa both come from the Ackerman family and have the same bloodline so it’s possible that they may be cousins. No and no.

Do you think Mikasa and Levi are related?

Yes, but no one really knows how closely they’re related. They’re both from the same clan, the Ackermans, which have been stated multiple times in the manga and anime, but the closest relationship that they seem to have would be cousins, especially considering the age gap between them.

Levi was DEFINITELY NOT IN LOVE with Mikasa… There is no question of “maybe” or “if”. They exchanged no romantic feelings, whatsoever. There are many points to support this :-Related – Both of them were from the Ackerman clan, so being in a romantic relationship with someone who’s practically you’re cousin would be immensely wrong.

Is Levi stronger than Mikasa?

So, after thinking about it, levi is stronger becuase he has the perfect age / experience balance. He is still very close to his physical top form, which is noticeably, but barely lower than mikasa’s but unlike mikasa he has an extra 10 years of experience or so.

The answer to this question is obviously, Levi is stronger than Mikasa and would win every fight between them. Some of you who are fans of Mikasa won’t agree to it, A question revolves in your head Why is Levi stronger than Mikasa? Therefore I have noted out 5 reasons that point out What makes Levi stronger than Mikasa: 1.

Mikasa is still my favourite character in Ao. T, and I used to think Mikasa might beat Levi. However, after thinking more about their relationship and the situations they would fight in, Levi would win 8-9 times out of 10. Mikasa views Levi as a mentor of sorts.

Is Levi Ackerman and Mikasa Ackerman related?

Thus the only known Survivors of the Ackerman family are Levi and his uncle Kenny and Mikasa. It is not clear is they are directly related therefor the only conclusion that we can draw is that they are related through ancestry and not by blood ties. The Ackerman family is one of the Noble households and they are both a part of it.