Why did mikasa say eren what am I to you?

So yes, Eren asked ” What am I to you” with the hope of hearing more than platonic words from Mikasa, before leaving for his DEADLY mission. Usually, the simpler explanation is the correct one.

One inquiry we ran across in our research was “Why did mikasa say see you later eren?”.

Here is what we stumbled across. Mikasa’s “See you later” might have meant “See you on the other side when I die.” In chapter 139, it was also stated that it was Mikasa’s choice that would ultimately free Ymir from her love for King Karl Fritz.

Why did Mikasa love Eren so much?

She loved Eren so much that she became slave to her love. And that’s why even though how badly Eren treated her and abused her, she still protected him when Armin were going to Because she was set free after 2000 years. As eren said in the last chapter Mikasa was the one who set Yumir free., and not eren.

Does Mikasa love Eren in attack on Titan?

But the writer of Attack on Titan is Hajime Isayama. So there is about a 70% chance that Mikasa does not love Eren romantically, but sees him as her family. But, there is a 50% chance that Eren does love her romantically .

The purple flowers represent Mikasa’s feelings- which are a mystery to Eren, to you, to me, and to everyone other than Isayama. This means that Mikasa became Eren’s hope when he was feeling hopeless. Eren looked at Armin and Jean. It’s not clear whom exactly he looked at.

Another frequently asked inquiry is “What happens to Eren and Mikasa at the end of AOT?”.

AOT just tells us the story where Eren’s path leads up to when Ymir is freed, which means the end of power of titan, end of subjects of Ymir and end of the PATH. The other path is Eren and Mikasa run away from the conflict and stay together till Eren is dead by curse of Ymir. Note that in this alternative path, Mikasa woke up with tears.

The canon ship between Eren Jaeger and Mikasa Ackerman from the anime Attack on Titan. In chapter 139 Eren’s romantic feelings for Mikasa are proven to be canon, when he speaks to Armin in paths. Although the romantic feelings were reciprocated on both parts, Eren and Mikasa never pursued a relationship because Eren is dead.

How does Armin feel about Mikasa?

Armin (Mikasa and Eren’s bestfriend) sees a past hidden memory. In the memory Eren talk about how he wished he could spend more time with Mikasa and has a breakdown of how he wishes to be the only man she thinks about. He spills out about the romantic feelings he has for her.

Who will Mikasa end up with in one piece?

Her unrelenting and eternal love for Eren. Ymir also loved King Fritz in the same way and she was never able to move on from him. Mikasa, even 3 whole years later, still mourns Eren and wishes to see him again. That is not the attitude of a woman who is ready to move on., and no one. Mikasa won’t end up with anyone.

How many years does Eren have left on his life?

He has 4 years left after which he will die. Remember when the news of Eren dying in season 1 got to mikasa she completely lost her will to live and would have been killed if not for Eren punching that titan. By isolating and antagonizing himself know he wants to free Mikasa and even Armin.

Why doesn’t Eren have the Founding Titan?

The Ackermans were bred to protect the Fritz/Reiss lineage, and not only is Eren non-royal, he didn’t possess the Founding Titan when Mikasa “awakened. ” no other Ackermans in Attack on Titan exhibit the same kind of devotion to a single person that Mikasa does to Eren.