Do tanjiro and kanao ever kiss in the manga?

While Tanjiro and Kanao have certainly kissed, the exact moment of their first kiss was never shown. Now, this is quite usual for shonen anime series, which encourage romance between characters (especially protagonists), but they rarely show them kissing; their emotions are pretty obvious and you can see they like each other, but you don’t actually see it materialize at any point.

What is the relationship between Kanao and Tanjiro?

The two had a special bond in the main series as Tanjiro was the one that originally got Kanao to open up, and this romance was teased at the end of Tanjiro’s journey in the penultimate chapter. As Kanao remarked to a nearby tree that the battle was truly over, Tanjiro blushed a little to himself and noted how kind she was.

What is the relationship between Tanjiro and Kanao?

Tanjiro telling Kanao to follow her heart. When Kanao first saw Tanjiro at the Final Selection, they did not have any sort of 2 Kanae Kocho., and more items.

Is Tanjiro in love with zenitsu?

Despite this, Tanjiro understood that Zenitsu must have been strong enough to pass the Final Selection and that the two can rely on each other during battles against powerful Demons. Though Tanjiro can be annoyed by Zenitsu’s tantrums and womanizing behavior, he cares for Zenitsu as a close friend and is very patient with him.

Kyojuro shared his final moments with Tanjiro and deeply inspired him with his words of encouragement, entrusting the boy to pass on his final words to his younger brother and father and expressing his acceptance of Nezuko as a true member of the Corps.

Is Nezuko Tanjiro’s sister?

Nezuko is the younger sister of Tanjiro and his only remaining family member alive after his family was killed while he was away selling charcoal. As such, Tanjiro, who is usually calm and polite, will become enraged and attack anybody who harms Nezuko.

Why does Kanao cry when Tanjiro turns into a demon?

Realizing that he has awaken, Kanao sheds tears as she repeatedly calls out his name and he responds to her by apologizing for being late. After Tanjiro turns into a Demon, Kanao cries when seeing Nezuko trying to calm her brother.

Why did Kanao cry after Tanjiro turned into a demon?

After Tanjiro turns into a Demon, Kanao cries when seeing Nezuko trying to calm her brother. Her sympathy for the siblings leads to her once again using Flower Breathing Final Form: Equinoctial Vermilion Eye and create an opening to inject the Demon-to-human cure into Tanjiro, putting her own safety at risk and showing how much she cares for them.