Where are mikasa plates manufactured?

Unlike many of its competitors, the company did not own manufacturing facilities. Instead, Mikasa contracted out designs to approximately 175 factories in 25 countries. Production was concentrated in Germany and Austria, where 30 percent of the company’s merchandise was manufactured .

Where are Mikasa products made?

Production was concentrated in Germany and Austria, where 30 percent of the company’s merchandise was manufactured. Is Mikasa still in business? Today, Mikasa continues to leverage the momentum it has built over the decades since its start.

Is Mikasa a good brand?

Mikasa, a division of Lifetime Brands, Inc, is proud to be recognized worldwide as the leader in tabletop fashion in dinnerware, crystal stemware, barware, flatware and decorative accessories. Quality and great design have been synonymous with the Mikasa brand name for over a half-century.

Here is what our research found. “We’re not just competing against other chinamakers, ” explained the company’s president, Raymond Dingman, Jr, whose prominence at Mikasa increased during the 1990s, “We are competing for the decorating dollar.” Over the course of the next three years, Mikasa nearly doubled the number of factory outlet stores it operated.

When did Mikasa stop making dishes?

In 1948, the company added ceramic dinnerware to its product line. Mikasa never manufactured its dishes, instead contracting with many production companies to manufacture the Mikasa lines. In 2001, Mikasa merged with J. G. Durand and continues to sell its china, household accessories and crystal under the Mikasa name.

Where can I buy Mikasa dinnerware?

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Initially a dinnerware importer, Mikasa grew into a dinnerware wholesaler over the next twenty years, supplying dinnerware to Bloomingdales, Macy’s, May Department Stores Company and other fine retailers. In 1957, the brand name Mikasa was introduced to the American public.

When was the first Mikasa distribution center built?

Mikasa broke ground on the project in March 1996, when construction began in Charleston, South Carolina. When completed in October 1997, the $60 million facility typified a state-of-the-art distribution center.

The company started as a dinnerware importer then became a wholesaler supplying dinnerware to the finest retailers in the country. It was in 1957 when the brand name was officially changed to Mikasa.

How much did Mikasa make in the 1980s?

When Blake was named to the presidential post, Mikasa was collecting $26 million a year in sales; by 1985, the company was generating $137 million in annual sales. By the mid-1980s, confidence at the company’s headquarters was running high.