Are mikasa and levi siblings?

Levi and Mikasa are definitely not siblings . Levi grew up in the underground city, and his mother, Kuchel Ackerman, passed away when he was a child. On the other hand, Mikasa lived with her parents in Shiganshina. Not to mention, Levi is at least 15 years older than Mikasa, so there’s no way that the two are siblings.

Are Levi and Mikasa siblings?

Levi is NOT Mikasa’s brother and they are NOT siblings. Levi and Mikasa both come from the Ackerman family and have the same bloodline so it’s possible that they may be cousins. No and no.

Are levi and mikasa brother and sister?

They’re not brother and sister as he’s significantly older than Mikasa, whose parents also died relatively young. There might be a twist involving Levi’s father on Attack On Titan, but it was likely one of Kuchel’s clients.

Here is what our research found. mikasa and Levi are second cousins. If you watch closely in s3, Kenny once told grandpa Ackerman in his death bed that he found his cousin in shiganshina. Mikasa’s father is the only ackerman living in shiganshina that time along with his wife who’s a descendant of oriental clan.

One more question we ran across in our research was “Does Levi love Mikasa?”.

Another answer is Levi was DEFINITELY NOT IN LOVE with Mikasa… There is no question of “maybe” or “if”. They exchanged no romantic feelings, whatsoever. There are many points to support this :-Related – Both of them were from the Ackerman clan, so being in a romantic relationship with someone who’s practically you’re cousin would be immensely wrong.

Is Mikasa a Mary Sue?

She deserves happy ending. Instead, Mikasa is a real Mary Sue. She is a Ackerman warrior and has political bond with Hizuru thanks to her mother and she is even the only one chosen by Ymir with no foreshadowing. And 139 itself is unbalancedly focused on Mikasa highlighting her as a true protagonist.