Are mikasa and eren in love?

Although the relationship between the two is complicated and is still awaiting resolution, it is safe to say that Eren does love Mikasa. Eren and Mikasa became adoptive siblings after Mikasa’s parents were killed by human traffickers in their home when Mikasa was very young.

Over the years, it is very clear that Mikasa’s love for Eren grows into something deeper and more meaningful. Eren is one of the main reasons for which she continues to fight for life, but also, she loves Eren for his willingness to fight and never give up, and cannot imagine a life without him by her side.

Does mikasa love eren romantically?

Mikasa has always loved Eren. This has repeatedly been proven in chapters 50, 123, 130, and finally in 138. When Eren asks her what he is to her, she replies saying, “You’re family.”.

Are Eren and Mikasa a couple?

Eren might not be the best at showing it, but deep down, he really does love Mikasa., and here’s proof. The relationship between Eren and Mikasa isn’t as straightforward as it should have been. Despite their connection being central to Attack On Titan, Eren’s view of Mikasa always seemed to fluctuate.

To answer in short, no; Eren does not hate Mikasa. In fact, he cares a lot about her. There are multiple instances in the series which prove this. To begin with, Eren has saved Mikasa whenever the latter was in trouble. He rescued her from the robbers who had kidnapped her.

Another frequently asked question is “What is the relation between Eren and Mikasa?”.

One may interpret Eren and Mikasa’s relationship as an one-sided relationship ; it is very heavily suggested that Mikasa has romantic feelings for Eren, for example, during chapter 50 Manga Spoilers but there is no official definition of Eren’s and Mikasa’s relationship. You’re the first person I’ve ever seen to also argue they’re not siblings.

Does Mikasa only care about Eren?

There is no denying that Mikasa has been extremely protective of Eren partly because of her awakened powers. But simply crediting her feelings to these powers is something that doesn’t make sense. After all, she has felt like she’s loved Eren for a long time, and outside of a battlefield, her feelings still remain the same.

Did eren yeager and mikasa kiss in the manga. Yes, they did! At the end of chapter 104 (original manga), Mikasa is leaning in for a kiss. She is interrupted by the appearance of Armin who reminds them that it’s not just that they are refugees but also delinquents.

Why was Eren so mean to Mikasa?

Eren claims they were made to protect Eldia’s kings and their clan will automatically protect their host through instinct. Eren says that when Mikasa activated her own inner strength, she ceased to be Mikasa and became a slave to her genes. Eren says as a result, he has hated Mikasa since childhood because she’s not “free” in his eyes.

Why did Eren say he hates Mikasa?

Eren accuses Mikasa of blindly following his orders because of her genetics, and he despises this lack of free will. Assuming Eren’s words are honest, his hatred for Mikasa is an extension of his ceaseless determination to end the war between Eldia and Marley by any means necessary.

Why does Mikasa protect Eren?

With Mikasa being the strongest of them all, it made sense that she was the one who freed the world, and Eren, from suffering. Eren says that they have no option but to “fight” as their ideals will keep colliding. Symbolically, Mikasa killing Eren obviously has a lot of weight.