Why is l from death note always eating?

Death Note was created with the objective of putting watchers in a moral dilemma, L’s character being the biggest of them all. Death Note fans will always throw around the ends justify the means phrase for L, but that is not really enough. L has just as much blood on his hands as Light has, in that, both of them have killed.

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L’s diet consists mainly of sugary sweets but he isn’t overweight as a result. He is estimated to be 5’10 and 110 lbs. L claims this is because of his immense amounts of brainpower. In chapter 38 of the Death Note manga, L states that it’s easy for him to remain thin because his brain consumes all the calories from the sweets.

Our answer is that Death Note is a wildly popular series from the mid 2000’s that shocked fans everywhere during its release and for many years afterward. This psychological thriller is a detective story about a mental battle between Light, a man endowed with a Death Note giving him supernatural powers, and L, the world’s greatest detective.

Why does l from death note sit weird?

By being a bit odd, he may be utilizing a bit of reverse psychology to appear unassuming to his enemies. Some Death Note fans also believe that due to his obsession with his work, L may be on the autism spectrum. Therefore, his compulsions may seem odd to some but are completely normal in his reality .

What happened to L in Death Note?

RELATED: 10 Best Anime For Fans Of Death Note L is the world’s best detective but conceals his identity while working on cases. L communicates with Watari (his assistant) and speaks through him when communicating to the public. L accepts the Kira case, but ultimately is killed by Light on November 5, 2004, in the manga and 2007 in the anime.

The answer is that When L meets Light, he says that he did not sit in that odd position because he wanted to, but if he would sit normally, his deductive skills would reduce by 40%. So, L has to sit in that position to work effectively. Originally Answered: Why does L in Death Note sit in an odd position? Watch/read anime/manga again to know the reason.

How do you feel about L and light’s death?

To summarize: L’s death was respectful, peaceful, and he accepted it he died a hero and a martyr. Light’s death was pitiful, pathetic, and devastating to see what could have been an amazing person be led to total ruin by their own inflated ego. Girls: Who’s hotter and more attractive between L and Light from Death Note?

Why does L sit/stand the way he does?

He may sit/stand the way he does because it is easier to think when he’s in less pain. (Though it may also be to increase blood flow as I mention in Elle Connor’s answer to Is it true that if you sit like L in Death Note, you think better and more quickly?).

Does light from Death Note have colored eyes and hair?

In the anime, interpreting that he did or didn’t holds water either way. Throughout the Death Note anime, Light (as well as multiple other characters) has coloured eyes and hair during inner monologues, deductions, and particularly victorious moments in his campaign. His eyes can even stylistically “glow” independent of his hair.