Why is death note bad?

Light should be so obsessed with his mission that he starts to see himself become the very thing he’s hunting, but this falls flat as well. The live action adaptations turn Light into a weak and flat character, and this is only made worse by the lack of chemistry between him and the other characters.

So, why is Death Note a bad movie?

The result, even with fun work from Willem Dafoe and Lakeith Stanfield, is an uninvolving film beyond the first 20 minutes of set-up and initial intrigue. Death Note is a bad movie regardless of its source fidelity (which would be irrelevant if it worked).

The whole final battle was boring and both sides acted incredibly stupid. Aside from that: light acted completely out of character in the end.

While I was reading we ran into the question “What is the most depressing thing about Death Note?”.

The most upsetting and depressing factor is that both of these deaths were suicides caused by the main character after writing down how they die in the Death Note. A man’s family is slowly destroyed over the course of years due to his selfish actions. This can be emotionally upsetting for some.

Is Netflix’s Death Note better than the original Death Note?

When it comes to Netflix’s Death Note versus the anime, it stands to reason many viewers feel nothing will live up to the original’s glory. After all, many of the series’s original aspects never appear in the Netflix Death Note. Most Death Note reviews do not favor the live action film.

What is the meaning of Death Note ending?

The entire ending of Death Note is meant to fool the viewer into thinking Light hadn’t planned for any of these events. It’s meant to show that, even despite all the chaos, he was still in control of what was happening.

You could be thinking “What happened at the ending of Death Note?”

I learned the events at the end. Light Yagami gets exposed as Kira by his fellow comrade Near. Once caught during a showdown, he breaks down and starts to laugh as hard as he can, almost as if he had lost his mind. He then confesses that he was Kira all along, and that they were right.

What happens at the end of Death Note?

The Death Note ending was meant to become a cliffhanger, since happened at the ending of Death Note director intended for generally there to be no less than 3 films wherein L would ultimately die-off, and 2 heroes, Mello along with Near, would get happened at the ending of Death Note place of his to catch Light.

What happened to power and bettering in Death Note?

Power appears to be happened at the ending of Death Note primary motivator, as opposed to bettering happened at the ending of Death Note world. The two iterations of Light are different emotionally, which preferably allows them to be different figures.

Does light kill L in Death Note?

In Chapter 58 or Episode 25, Light succeeds in killing L, and then there is a five-year time jump. This introduces two characters named Near and Mello, who eventually manage to kill Light. Many argued that L’s demise should’ve been happened at the ending of Death Note story’s end, and it’s hard not to agree with this sentiment.

What would have happened to light if the Death Note had fallen?

While Light felt honored to be bestowed upon with the immense power of the Note, it actually ruined his life. If only the Death Note had fallen into someone else’s hands, Light would have spent the rest of his life pursuing something more meaningful and putting his high intellect to good use.