Why inosuke is the best?

Inosuke is a very good fighter as he is able to match Tanjiro and even surpass him with his flexibility and his unconventional fighting style which looks like “four legs of a beast” because of the way his punches come from. Such a low angle while being very fierce and incorporating other unorthodox moves, making it unpredictable and vicious.

To be fair, Inosuke is vastly more likable than Todoroki, and definitely better looking too. Fans who loved the character are sure to enjoy the following little known details about him! Caution: This article contains many manga spoilers.

Here are 5 reasons Inosuke is the best boy, and 5 reasons it’s Zenitsu. One of the most striking things about Inosuke is how little fear he seems to have, even in the most dangerous situations.

How much do you know about Inosuke?

Let’s test your knowledge about the character Inosuke ! Hashibira Inosuke is to Demon Slayer what Todoroki is to My Hero Academia. Both young man are the tsunderes of the show who are impossibly arrogant, completely self absorbed and have personalities that repel more people than they attract.

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Well, ) is one of the main protagonists of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba and along with Zenitsu Agatsuma, a traveling companion of Tanjiro Kamado and Nezuko Kamado. He is also a Demon Slayer in the Demon Slayer Corps.

Another answer is one of the most striking things about Inosuke is how little fear he seems to have, even in the most dangerous situations. When fans meet him during the Drum House arc, he doesn’t even appear concerned about being trapped in a constantly changing house with a bunch of powerful demons.

Whats inosukes moms name?

Kotoha is Inosuke’s mother . Kotoha deeply loved and cared for Inosuke as a baby. She promised to protect him and raise him happily, however that never happened when she found out Doma was eating his worshippers, resulting in her attempt to flee with baby Inosuke.

So the answer to that question is yes. They become husband and wife, and they have several children and grandchildren. Despite his clear advantages, he is still not the strongest demon slayer on the list, and there are more powerful ones with whom he has no chances.

Is Inosuke a girl or boy?

Inosuke is a young man of average height and pale complexion with an extremely toned and muscular build for his age, possessing large, defined muscles most notably over his stomach and arms. Why does Inosuke have boar mask? It is small, fair, and looks good.

Who does Inosuke marry in Demon Slayer?

The person he most likely married is Aoi, I don’t have any solid proof though, I’m just going off their cute little interactions in the main story. Aoi and Inosuke were shipped a lot, plus their adorable interaction in chapter 204 really sold it for me that they got together <3 I totally agree and I thought they would make an adorable ship.

Eventually, she and Inosuke Hashibira marry and having a great-grandson named Aoba Hashibira. Like Tanjiro and Zenitsu, Inosuke is immediately taken with the strong and magnanimous Kyojuro, looking up to him as a mentor and leader after they meet on the Infinity Train.

I don’t remember which episode it was, but at the end of one when Tanjiro and Nezuko say the funny facts, Tanrijo mentioned that Inosuke only gets his name right about 1 out of 8 times. It’s pretty funny because when you hear boar sama pronounce his name correctly, is because he is about to do it wrong the next 7 times lol.