Why is my hero academia good?

3 reasons to watch My Hero Academia

It creates a world of its own, but still relatable While the story of Boku no Hero Academia reels you in with the premise of superheroes and a promise The characters are well fleshed out The main character, Izuku Midoriya, is your typical underdog, the exact type of protagonist in thousands of other animes. The fight scenes are amazing.

You could be thinking “Why is my Hero Academia so popular?”

If u want good anime recommendations: JojoAot, death note Rent a girlfriend.

Why you should watch my Hero Academia?

The series has a great message. My Hero Academia drives home the message that everyone has the potential to achieve great things. The caliber of a hero is determined, not by their abilities but by their willingness to do their best even when it seems all hope is lost. You don’t have to have a flashy Quirk or wear a costume to save lives.

Is My Hero Academia worth watching?

After re-watching My Hero Academia to get my girlfriend caught up, I was reminded about the vast amount of characters that have helped shape this show. Although not all get the same shine as others, for obvious reasons, there are still plenty that made an.

Should you watch ‘My Hero Academia’?

The eighth episode of “My Hero Academia” (or “Boku no Hero”) season free users the following week after its original air date. You can currently catch up on the previous ones now should you be a teensy bit behind. Just as a disclaimer, every.

How my hero academia better than naruto?

Naruto is stuck with its choices, for better or for worse, but My Hero Academia has the ability to adapt, not make the same mistakes, and become a better show altogether as a result. Naruto ‘s legacy is set in stone, but My Hero Academia still has every opportunity to change how people will look at it in the future.

Naruto is better if you exclude the fillers and include shippuden. But naruto is a ended show which already had all its epucness and all its feels. To be fair my hero academia had a way better start and is still rather new and it has the potential to bring real good Moments.

Moreover, which is better my hero academia or naruto?

Naruto is superior to My Hero Academia in practically any category. The manga is more influential, the plot is far more intriguing and has much more depth, and the overall influence of the whole franchise is on a completely different level.

These days, My Hero Academia is bigger than ever, and fans have taken notice. Franchises like Naruto may have ruled the shonen scape once, but Izuku Midoriya is starting to get in on that action.

What anime is similar to my Hero Academia?

If you liked My Hero Academia’s underdog story, you might like Black Clover. A couple more things to think about are: little witch academia, assassination classroom, soul eater, naruto, tiger & bunny, charlotte, hamatora, katekyo hitman reborn! Or one-punch man.