Will eren and mikasa be together?

For the first three seasons of Attack on Titan,’ Armin, Mikasa, and Eren are essentially on exact same web page. From where we’re standing, it seems extremely unlikely that Eren and Mikasa will end up together. It is only when Eren conserves Mikasa from kidnappers in the earlier season that Mikasa develops solid feelings in the direction of him.

Will mikasa and eren get together?

Eren and Mikasa will never get together on Attack on Titan This is the story of the saddest ship in anime: Eren and Mikasa (aka, “ Eremika ”). The bond between Attack on Titan ‘s main characters Eren Yaeger and Mikasa Ackerman has been a topic of speculation for years.

Will eren and mikasa get together spoiler?

Unfortunately, Eren and Mikasa, do not end up together. Despite knowing their love for each other, they are never able to acknowledge and admit it mutually. Mikasa kills Eren to stop him from finishing the Rumbling, choosing to save humanity over the one person she loves the most.

Does Mikasa only care about Eren?

There is no denying that Mikasa has been extremely protective of Eren partly because of her awakened powers. But simply crediting her feelings to these powers is something that doesn’t make sense. After all, she has felt like she’s loved Eren for a long time, and outside of a battlefield, her feelings still remain the same.

This begs the inquiry “Why does Eren attack Mikasa?”

We discovered simple terms Mikasa loves Eren. Eren false hates Mikasa because he doesn’t believe she truly loves him of her own free will. So Eren openly tells her he hates her because he want to hide his true feelings to her and he doesn’t want to get hurt emotionally.

This of course begs the question “Why did Eren say he hates Mikasa?”

Eren accuses Mikasa of blindly following his orders because of her genetics, and he despises this lack of free will. Assuming Eren’s words are honest, his hatred for Mikasa is an extension of his ceaseless determination to end the war between Eldia and Marley by any means necessary.

Does Mikasa love Eren romantically?

Mikasa loves Eren, it’s been evident since the Battle of Trost Arc. But Confirmed when she confesses at the end of season 2. Eren does love her, but he is so driven to destroy his enemies that it’s clouds his actions and thoughts.