Why doesn’t kanao talk?

Due to her aloof nature, Kanao declined to speak, making the Kakushi unsure as to what to do. Eventually, Aoi arrived and led the group inside, leaving Kanao alone in the garden. A few days later, Kanao began helping Tanjiro and Inosuke’s recovery alongside Aoi and the three other girls.

She is voiced by Reina Ueda in the Japanese version of the anime, and by Brianna Knickerbocker in the English version of the anime. Kanao is a young girl with large, lilac colored eyes and are framed by thick eyelashes. She has thin black hair with a straight fringe and two chin-length strands that curve downwards from above each ear.

This begs the query “How does Kanao feel about Inosuke?”

Kanao interacts minimally with Inosuke throughout training. Sometimes, his actions make her see him as a weirdo e., and g. – wall-crawling or dislocating all the joints in his arm and relocating them. However, the two end up forming an unlikely duo in the battle against Doma, each fueled by a desire for revenge.

You see, For most of her life Kanao was an emotionless husk who couldn’t think independently due to her harsh upbringing. Kanao’s emotional state began to change when she met Tanjiro Kamado, a fellow Demon Slayer who convinced her to live her life according to her heart.

Another frequent question is “Why does Kanao hate Shinobu?”.

Much like Shinobu, Kanao holds a strong resentment and hatred towards the Upper Rank for killing Kanae. This grudge grows even deeper after Doma devours Shinobu following their duel, even if it was part of their plan for revenge.

Indomitable Will: Like all Demon Slayers, Kanao possesses an undaunted will and spirit, refusing to give up and die when fighting even the most formidable foes that defeated her master, Doma and later on, the Demon King, Muzan Kibutsuji .

Why did Kanao and Tanjiro not get along?

Tanjiro Kamado: During the Final Selection arc, Kanao didn’t interact with Tanjiro or any of her class at all due to her aloof nature. Their first proper interaction was during the Natagumo Mountain mission when Kanao was tasked with killing Tanjiro’s demon younger sister Nezuko.

Another popular query is “What is the relationship between Kanao and Tanjiro like?”.

Tanjiro helped Kanao speak again without being indecisive. Other than that, during the rehabilitation period, they got to know each other more. Kanao fell for Tanjiro first, with her devotion toward him being shown more in the manga . This coupling shouldn’t exist at all, with everything in the first manga chapter and an episode of Demon Slayer.

Why does Kanao wear Kanae’s hairpins?

After Kanae’s death, Kanao found herself unable to cry at the funeral, but wears one of Kanae’s hairpins as a memento of her. She remembers Kanae’s advice in times of trouble, and thinks highly of her.