Does tanjiro see zenitsu fight?

Tanjiro heads to his next location southeast; on the way he meats Zenitsu, one of the swordsmen of the FInal Selection. Error: please try again. Tanjiro gets separated from Zenitsu when he enters a mysterious house where he encounters another demon and someone else.

Moreover, does tanjiro know how strong zenitsu is?

The favorite answer is if we are talking about the manga they never specifically state that Tanjiro knows Zenitsu is strong but its implied he learns about how strong he is while they are on the train. But he will get sooo much better after one or two more episodes. The yellow Nichirin Blade one of which belongs to Zenitsu Agatsuma symbolizes thunder .

Despite this, Tanjiro understood that Zenitsu must have been strong enough to pass the Final Selection and that the two can rely on each other during battles against powerful Demons. Though Tanjiro can be annoyed by Zenitsu’s tantrums and womanizing behavior, he cares for Zenitsu as a close friend and is very patient with him.

Did Tanjiro learn how to use zenitsu’s sword?

In a flash, Zenitsu can slice through a demon before they can even blink. Impressive, even if he has to be knocked out first. Tanjiro learned how to wield his sword from former Water Hashira Sakonji Urokodaki in the style of ” Water Breathing.”.

Another frequently asked inquiry is “Does zenitsu have a crush on Nezuko?”.

Still, Zenitsu has been a good friend to Tanjiro on many occasions, and takes the time to help him overcome his naivety and lack of social skills. It’s true, though, that Zenitsu may have an ulterior motive: his crush on Nezuko. As with many others, it’s Tanjiro’s continued loyalty to his sister as a Demon that Kyojuro finds off-putting at first.

Are tanjiro and zenitsu best friends?

5 Tanjiro Is Friends With Zenitsu Agatsuma Despite His Annoying Personality Tanjiro recognizes Zenitsu’s strength and the way they could work together in battle, even if he’s pretty disgusted with a lot of Zenitsu’s behavior.

Does Tanjiro get along with Giyu?

Tanjiro’s first meeting with Giyu isn’t as a friend – he’s trying to kill Nezuko, who had newly been turned into a Demon. Tanjiro doesn’t trust him much at first, but Giyu does send him on his way to becoming a Demon Slayer.

One of the next things we asked ourselves was who is Tanjiro’s closest friend?

In some ways, Tanjiro is his closest friend (aside from his late friend Sabito and, to some extent, fellow Hashira Shinobu Kocho).

Is zenitsu stronger than Naruto?

Zoro has better feats and better stats in every way. Zero beats the verse, zenitsu is weaker than him, and even if you say that zenitsu is as fast as lightning, zoro is faster, and could one hit zenitsu. Why is healing the inner child so important? Learn how trauma shapes the inner child, while affecting adulthood, and how to seek help for healing.

The answer is no. Inosuke is aware that Tanjiro has more skills than him which explains why he respects Tanjiro a lot. Tanjiro is the type to strategize in battle while Inosuke fights based on instinct. Although Inosuke can beat demons with his fighting style, he knows that Tanjiro’s wit is essential in battling stronger demons.

One might even argue that he was far stronger than Zenitsu during the first arc. But, by the final chapter, there is a clear difference between the two in terms of combat ability as well as speed and strength. Hence, Zenitsu is stronger than Inosuke in Demon Slayer.

Is zenitsu the most powerful demon slayer?

But to answer your question, no. Zenitsu is probably one of the weakest if we’re comparing him to any Hashira (current, retired or dead), Tanjiro, Yoriichi, or the former demon slayer, now demon: Kokoshibo.

What powers does zenitsu have in Demon Slayer?

Though their powers differ, each demon slayer has an impressive set of abilities that allow them to fight demons successfully. While Tanjiro uses Water Breathing to fight and Inosuke uses Beast Breathing, Zenitsu has his own set of unique powers — though he didn’t always realize he had them. Zenitsu doesn’t realize his own strength.