Does mikasa join the scouts?

Though she desires only to live a peaceful life with Eren, Mikasa chose to follow him into the military —where she is considered the best soldier among the 104th Cadet Corps. She later joined the Scout Regiment to continue following and protecting Eren.

Does mikasa become a scout?

Despite having graduated at the top of the 104th Cadet Corps, Mikasa rejects a cushy Military Police career in favor of highly dangerous assignments with the Scout Regiment. This is simply because of Eren’s determination to become a Scout, a decision that Mikasa cannot, nor does she try to, sway him from making.

Does Mikasa have a baby?

So yes Mikasa and Eren making a baby is probable, that could be the possible logical continuation of their relationship, and would fit with the themes of the manga very well. Dont get me wrong I dont see a pure classic happy ending, given the current context such end can’t really happen.

Another common query is “How many Spears does Mikasa have?”.

She has the strength to carry up eight spears with ease, before simultaneously throwing and detonating them on Titans with greater accuracy than the weapon inventor. Owing to the need to protect Eren who often runs off looking for trouble, Mikasa had honed herself to be a talented fighter at a very young age.

How did Mikasa and Armin rescue each other?

When Mikasa stands up to kill the Titan in front of her, another Titan comes running from behind and saves her. This Titan, which ignores Mikasa, gives Armin enough time to rescue Mikasa and they both continue heading to the supply HQ.

While I was researching we ran into the question “Will Eren and Mikasa end up together?”.

This is what my research found. from where we’re standing, it seems highly unlikely that Eren and Mikasa will end up together. But before we discuss their potential future, it is imperative to revisit the past. After all, it is only when Eren saves Mikasa from kidnappers in an earlier season that Mikasa develops really strong feelings towards him.

She relentlessly attacked the Female Titan in a murderous fury as it attempted to abduct Eren. Mikasa blushed when it was insinuated she and Eren were lovers and has suffered crippling distress at the thought of losing Eren forever.

Is Mikasa in love with Eren?

Mikasa actually loves Eren in a romantic way. It is heavy hinted and implied throughout the series that Milasa loves Eren. There are multiple reasons why she loves Eren. Starting with the back story how these two first mint Eren literally saved her life from becoming a sex slave.

He simply recommended Mikasa to cut her hair so that they may not cause an accident during training or Battles. Eren pushing miskasa’s hair were his pure instincts, nothing else. The Rock reveals the best success hack everybody needs to try. The big companies don’t want you to know his secrets.

What kind of Titan is Mikasa from attack on Titan?

Mikasa took the form of a masculine, heavily muscled Titan. Mikasa is one of the Attack on Titan characters who were made into Nendoroid figures, along with Eren, Levi, and the Colossus Titan. A Nendoroid playset of the Attack on Titan setting was also made.

How did Mikasa and Bertolt escape from the Titans?

He punches the smiling Titan, triggering something that causes all the other mindless Titans to attack it. In the resulting confusion, he carries Mikasa away on his back and also sends the Titans after Reiner and Bertolt. They escape with the rest of the surviving soldiers and return to Trost District.

As Eren begins his assault on the Marleyans, Mikasa joins the Scout Regiment in retrieving him and attacking Liberio. During the battle between Eren and the War Hammer Titan Mikasa attacks the War Hammer from behind, launching eight Thunder Spears into its nape.