Does death note continue?

Death Note Rewrite is just a two episode anime based on Death note (1st episode : Ryuk (Shinigami) discusses light and L (2 hour episode) 2nd episode : Shows a summary of the real anime Death note in a 2 hour episode). Recommend you Original. If you are watching the original one then you do not need to see Rewrite, its a waste of time.

Death Note is one of the most well-known, popular, and critically acclaimed anime series out there. The story follows Light Yagami, a genius high school student who comes across a Death Note and decides to use it to cleanse the world of evil and become the “god of the new world.”.

No, Death Note is not real as it is very unlikely to happen. Are death Notes illegal ? It is the intent to kill and an action toward carrying out that intent that makes it a crime. If the death note were real it would be a deadly weapon.

It would totally depend on who the owner of the Death Note is. If the Death Note was a reality, my wish would be for it to be used in the elimination of cruel, inhuman leaders who are responsible for the destruction of Maybe it can also refine capital punishment and make death quick and easy for those who deser.

While we don’t know the answers to those questions, we do know the Death Notes are distributed by a king in the Shinigami world. He never appears in the main story of Death Note, but there are references to him, and the other Shinigami seem to respect his rules.

The power to take one’s life is not meant to exist at all, and Death Note were to be real, the world would change drastically. Anyways, those are all the reasons why Death Note should NOT be real.

Another frequent question is “What is the origin of Death Note?”.

Recent archaeological evidence support the theory that concept of Death Note originated in ancient China. With two successful movies and an anime series, Death Note, written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata, has become a household name to anime and manga fans.

You might be wondering “Can You Write Your Name on a Death Note?”

All he has to do is write their name down in that notebook. In the series, Light uses the Death Note to exact justice on criminals. But in real life, people around the world, most often young kids in school, have “used” their own Death Notes to write the names of fellow classmates and teachers, fantasizing that it will bring them death.

What do you THINK ABOUT DEATH NOTE’s ending?

Shonen Jump is a magazine where heroes always prevail, and most things have a happy ending. Death Note already has a much different formula than the rest of the series in the magazine but even so, the villain lost just like always. The series would have been much more interesting and impactful if the good guys didn’t win.

How many episodes are there in Death Note?

Death Note fans will remember the anime ended on a pretty conclusive note with the death of Light Yagami and its 37 episodes covered much of the action from the original manga.

Is Death Note a shonen?

There are both light hearted and very dark shounen series, as well as light hearted and dark seinen series. For example, both DBZ (not dark) and Death Note (dark) are shounen, since they are aimed at younger males and and are designed to cater to them.

Japanese television series, Production companies are D.

Complex, mind juggling story line. Twists in the plot. Not having lot of characters and shade in which entire show has been pictured. Spoiler alert: L just dies, no heroism. Equal weight on the characters. Be it L or Yagami nobody is shown as a superior.

Who dropped the Death Note into the world?

While the world’s criminals continue to drop dead, L meets by computer with representatives from various nations. Dealings Ryuk, the Shinigami, or god of death, who dropped the Death Note into the human world, warns Light that someone is on his trail.