Does armin know annie is the titan?

Armin sees Annie in titan form On the Survey Corps’ 57th expedition, Annie spares Armin’s life twice whilst in Titan form even though she slays everyone else that came across her path with no hesitation.

In episode 23 when Eren, Mikasa, and Armin are luring Annie to the underground tunnel as a trap but then Annie refuses to enter, Armin reveals his suspicions that Annie is the Female Titan/the spy.

Is Annie the smiling Titan in attack on Titan?

Though Annie doesn’t look anything like the Colossal Titan or Armored Titan, she does bear a resemblance to the Smiling Titan when her hair is down. Annie acts suspiciously distant from the rest of the 104th cadets whenever she is onscreen. The only person she opens up to is Reiner, Bertholdt, and Eren.

Does armin have feelings for annie?

There are theories that Armin was actually in love with Annie Leonhart, and that she shared those feelings, but Isayama never really explored this romance and the two of them did not end up together during the epilogue of Attack on Titan. The rest of this article is going to focus on the nature of the relationship between Armin and Annie.

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Yes, Armin has a crush on Annie, while Eren is highly implied to be in love with Mikasa. Eren’s relationship with Armin never had any apparent romantic undertones from either side. Second, the story portrays them as ideological opponents and they have a massive breakdown in their friendship. Why did Armin visit Annie in Attack on Titan?

When Eren and Armin attempt to convince her to join them in an underground passageway, she claims that she is too frightened. As Eren and Armin continue to plea for Annie to join them and prove herself innocent, Mikasa openly accuses to Annie as the Female Titan, taunting her to fight just as the two had fought before.

Armin reminds her that he does not like being called a “good person,” noting that he has killed many people and chosen to betray his own race. Armin laments that the world beyond the Walls did not match his and Eren’s dream, but he tells Annie that he still chooses to believe that there is a part of the world yet to be discovered.

Does Hayden like Annie?

With a love of music and vlogging, the couple had a lot in common, which is how they became friends. Hayden was dating musical. Ly singer Annie Le. Blanc in 2017 when a Snapchat video surfaced where Hayden seemed to tell Kenzie that he loved her. The video went viral among fan groups, as they accused Hayden of being disloyal to Annie.

How did Armin know Eren could command the Titans to attack?

After the Survey Corps get back Eren on Wall Rose, Armin recalls the Female Titan’s ability to get the Titans to attack her by screaming, deducing that Eren must have used a similar ability to command Titans to attack the Armored Titan and the Smiling Titan.

What Eren said specifically said was that he hated her since he was a child and this is clearly not true. Yes Eren has expressed annoyance and frustration with her earlier on in the series where he even admitted himself stemmed from a place of insecurity (although Mikasa can be a bit much I have to admit), but from the top of my head he’s also:.