Why did eren beat up armin reddit?

What Eren said specifically said was that he hated her since he was a child and this is clearly not true. Yes Eren has expressed annoyance and frustration with her earlier on in the series where he even admitted himself stemmed from a place of insecurity (although Mikasa can be a bit much I have to admit), but from the top of my head he’s also:.

So, what did Eren do to Armin?

He also insulted Armin, claiming that Armin was a slave to Bertholdt’s memories. Armin responded with a clean jab to Eren’s face, and Eren responded by pounding Armin into the ground. Sure, Bertholdt’s memories may have been influencing Armin, but there was no reason at all for him to tell Mikasa that he hated her.

One of the next things we asked ourselves was; what does Armin thank Eren for in the end?

In the end, Armin gets to be the man of peace he always wanted to, and see the world beyond the walls. He thanks Eren for being his friend and making the sacrifice that allowed Armin to truly be free.

Do armin and eren die?

Armin almost dies in a battle with Bertolt. After Eren And Armin fool Bertolt with a ruse and enable Eren to escape the scene, Armin sacrifices himself by clinging to the Colossus Titan’s teeth. Bertolt breathes a giant wave of heat and smoke, and Armin struggles to breathe.

Why did Eren lose control of his attack Titan?

During the mission to reclaim the Trost District, the military decided that Eren’s Attack Titan should be able to seal the hole with a boulder. Being one of the first times Eren used his Titan powers in the field, he lost control, punching at Mikasa shortly after transforming.

Another thing we wondered was, what happens to Eren after he dies?

Eren has escaped death before and it’s possible for members of the Titan race to rapidly heal themselves and even regrow entire limbs, but it doesn’t work this time . What happens after Eren dies? Now that Eren is dead, so is the rest of the Titan race.

How did Eren find the war Hammer Titan’s holder?

During the battle against the War Hammer Titan, Eren managed to locate the War Hammer Titan’s holder, but she was encased in a protective crystal barrier that his teeth couldn’t break through.

You could be thinking “Why did Eren Yeager turn evil in attack on Titan?”

One source claimed eren’s villainous transformation really started after the 4-year time skip (Chapter 91) when he began to think maturely and more about the future. However, it’s later revealed that Eren’s actions went in this direction just so he can manipulate the Founding Titan. Is Armin a girl?

Eren Jaeger dies after Mikasa severs his head from inside the mouth of the Founding Titan. However, the final chapter of Attack On Titan reveals that Eren “visited” Mikasa and Armin earlier, during their boat trip to catch up to Eren and The Rumbling.

Did Eren visit Mikasa and Armin in attack on Titan?

However, the final chapter of Attack On Titan reveals that Eren “visited” Mikasa and Armin earlier, during their boat trip to catch up to Eren and The Rumbling. We saw Mikasa’s vision in Chapter 138 – but the final chapter meeting between Eren and Armin reveals that Eren is not the hardened villain he pretended to be.

To answer in short, no; Eren does not hate Mikasa. In fact, he cares a lot about her. There are multiple instances in the series which prove this. To begin with, Eren has saved Mikasa whenever the latter was in trouble. He rescued her from the robbers who had kidnapped her.

You could be asking “Does Eren cheat on Mikasa?”

Mikasa actually loves Eren in a romantic way. It is heavy hinted and implied throughout the series that Milasa loves Eren. There are multiple reasons why she loves Eren. Starting with the back story how these two first mint Eren literally saved her life from becoming a sex slave. The 9 year old Eren was the one closest to Mikasa.

How did Porco Galliard kill Eren?

After tearing off the Jaw Titan’s arms, Porco Galliard, the Jaw Titan’s holder, was powerless to stop Eren as he jammed the crystal in between the Jaw Titan’s mouth and pressed down, forcing Porco Galliard to kill someone of the royal Tybur bloodline.