Why did genya become a demon slayer?

Genya can also gain demonic power by eating a part of the demon. Genya joined the Demon Slayer Corps not to slay demons but to look for his older brother, the Wind Hashira, Sanemi Shizanugawa. Genya and Sanemi are born to a hardworking mother and an abusive father.

Demonic Transformation: By consuming the live flesh of a Demon, Genya could temporarily gain demonic attributes from it. However, upon succumbing to his severe wounds, Genya much like a genuine demon, disintegrated to ash. Is Genya a demon demon slayer?

Why did Genya join the Demon Slayers?

Genya, in confusion and panic labeled Sanemi a murderer and cradled their mother’s body in his arms as she dissolved in the rising sunlight. Later on, Genya realized his mistake and decided to join the Demon Slayers to try and reconcile his relationship with his brother.

Does Genya become a demon?

Later in his life, Genya realized his mistake and tried to reconcile the relationship with his brother. He trained to become a Demon Slayer, however he had an inability to use Breath Styles. However he discovered that he could eat demons and gain demonic abilities. He was discovered by the Rock Pillar Gyomei Himejima.

How is Genya a half demon?

I’m half demon, so my eye naturally turned this way. ” At the current Hashiras startled looks, he quickly clarified. “I wasn’t born half demon, just turned into a demon later in life. I’m still in control of my actions and I don’t need to eat people ! ” Genya said, waving his hands., and zenitsu huffed.

) is a major supporting character of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. He is a Demon Slayer in the Demon Slayer Corps and also the younger brother of the Wind Hashira, Sanemi Shinazugawa . At the time of his debut during the Final Selection, Genya was a short, young man with large, inward-slanting eyes.

When Genya joins the Demon Slayers in search of Sanemi, Sanemi hurls verbal abuses at him, but Tanjiro Kamado is able to tell Sanemi didn’t truly hate him; and in fact still bore the same brotherly love he had for him in childhood.

Why can Genya eat demons?

Other Demon Slayers have specific skills and abilities. For Genya, it works a little differently. He gets powers from Demons by eating their flesh. The more powerful the Demon, the more power he gets. But, it’s all temporary, and he eventually becomes human again.

One frequent answer is, after eating Upper Rank 1 and 4 Demon cells, Genya’s cells are able to merge with sun steel bullets. After the bullets enter a body, they grow into a huge tree that paralyzes the target.

How old is Genya Demon Slayer?

Nezuko ’s transformation into a demon has certainly affected a lot of traits like her short demeanor and shrinking abilities. However, one of the traits that she never lost while her transformation was the desire to protect her elder brother Tanjiro at all costs.

Tanjiro is the main character from Demon Slayer. This young boy of 13 years old was very adult for his young age. He lost his father when he was still a kid and have become the man of the house. He is the older children of the family, this is why he was so involved in helping his mom to rule the family.

What happened to Genya’s brother?

After a demon attack kills their parents and siblings, Genya mistakenly accuses his brother Sanemi of killing their mother. It drives a wedge between them. Later, he regrets it and joins the Demon Slayer Corps, in fact, because of his brother. But, Sanemi rejects him, and it causes Genya a lot of grief and insecurity.