Why is death note popular?

Complex, mind juggling story line. Twists in the plot. Not having lot of characters and shade in which entire show has been pictured. Spoiler alert: L just dies, no heroism. Equal weight on the characters. Be it L or Yagami nobody is shown as a superior.

Death Note is popular because fanboys fantasize about Amane Misa. She is voiced by Hirano Aya who voiced Haruhi, so they fantasize about her even more! Death Note is popular because it has “Shinigamis” in it. What more could you add to a formula that brings in the detective genre, fangirl/fanboy fantasies, and Ryuk?

Well, for one, it’s packed to the brim with suspense scenarios and has the ability to keep you engaged every step of the way. Similarly, each of our hand-picked choices perfectly reflects these themes, so take a look.

It would totally depend on who the owner of the Death Note is. If the Death Note was a reality, my wish would be for it to be used in the elimination of cruel, inhuman leaders who are responsible for the destruction of Maybe it can also refine capital punishment and make death quick and easy for those who deser.

Should Death Note have ended with L’s death?

This introduces two characters named Near and Mello, who eventually manage to kill Light. Many argued that L’s demise should’ve been the story’s end, and it’s hard not to agree with this sentiment. Here are ten compelling reasons why Death Note should’ve ended with L’s death.

While the writing for the first part of the story is heavily praised and still talked about to this day, the second part isn’t as popular. In Chapter 58 or Episode 25, Light succeeds in killing L, and then there is a five-year time jump.

After obtaining the Death Note, he comes up with foolproof plans to make sure that even if someone were to stumble upon it, it would immediately be burned and no one would be the wiser except for Light himself.

What are some animes like Death Note?

Death Parade is another dark series that deals with death and what comes after. Sixteen-year-old Shinichi Izumi’s life turned upside down one night when parasite-like aliens attacked the world. Future diary, psycho-pass, erased, monster, code geass, ergo proxy, paranoia agent, or ghost in the shell are a couple more items to think about.

The second season of Death Note will be renewed later this year, and the sequel could have a long schedule, so its release seems plausible. A release date has not yet been officially announced. The trailer for Death Note season 2 tells the story of the protagonist Light Yagami, who feels that something is wrong in his life.