Why death note is great?

Death Note is a great series for both seasoned anime fans and anime fans to-be, and I’m gonna tell you why: 1. It’s Exactly The Right Length Look, if you’re getting into anime for the first time and decide that you want your launching point to be all 720 episodes of Naruto and Naruto: Shippuden, I say go for it. Your power level surpasses us all.

What makes Death Note a good anime?

Complex, mind juggling story line. Twists in the plot. Not having lot of characters and shade in which entire show has been pictured. Spoiler alert: L just dies, no heroism. Equal weight on the characters. Be it L or Yagami nobody is shown as a superior.

It would totally depend on who the owner of the Death Note is. If the Death Note was a reality, my wish would be for it to be used in the elimination of cruel, inhuman leaders who are responsible for the destruction of Maybe it can also refine capital punishment and make death quick and easy for those who deser.

What are some animes like Death Note?

Death Parade is another dark series that deals with death and what comes after. Sixteen-year-old Shinichi Izumi’s life turned upside down one night when parasite-like aliens attacked the world. Some additional items to pay attention too: paranoia agent, psycho-pass, future diary, ergo proxy, code geass, monster, erased, or ghost in the shell.

Does Death Note Season 2 have a release date?

The second season of Death Note will be renewed later this year, and the sequel could have a long schedule, so its release seems plausible. A release date has not yet been officially announced. The trailer for Death Note season 2 tells the story of the protagonist Light Yagami, who feels that something is wrong in his life.