Which my hero academia hero are you?

Well, tbh my favorite is Deku, who also happens to be the main character, this depite the fact that I very rarely like the protagonists that much in shonen works. That said, there’s one character I like just as much as him, though it took QUITE a while until he was properly introduced: Yes Mirio Togata.

Well, other Ways to Find Out Which My Hero Academia Character You Are Read the backstory of the characters.. Go to the MHA fandom website and read your favorite character’s backstories. See Analyze MHA characters’ personalities.. Most fandom websites have a personality section for protagonists and.

Who is the smartest character in my Hero Academia?

Principal Nezu is arguably the most intelligent character in the MHA universe, and with very good reason. Nezu may be an animal (the type has yet to be confirmed) but he does have a quirk – High Spec.

This quiz is for anyone who loves the My Hero Academia Boys. Here they are!

My Hero Academia has a large roster of different characters. From the young Deku, a boy born without a quirk but inheriting it from the greatest hero of all time to Todoroki, a guy with an ice and fire quirk, which was only born because his father wanted to create the perfect hero.

One source argued that Ms. Joke— For some reason, a lot of the fandom hates her. Maybe it’s due to her consistency in terms of wanting a relationship with Aizawa, or maybe it’s because they prefer Eraser. Mic or whatever.

Does the my Hero Academia MHA test work?

Yes, it does. MHA quiz can expose those who do not fin in the U. A. High School standards because of their anti-heroic traits. So, you might end up being matched with a villain. Is it a trivia or personality quiz? It is a personality test that tells you which My Hero Academia Character you are regarding your traits.