Whats nezuko chans age now?

Thus, Muzan created demons for hundreds of years even when he didn’t want to turn someone. Since he didn’t know anything about the Blue Spider Lily medicine, he needed others to find the plant for him by happenstance. This is the general reason why Muzan turned Nezuko into a demon.

When we were writing we ran into the question “Can nezuko change her age?”.

She can modify her physical shape and age. When carried inside a box by Tanjiro, Nezuko often uses it to journey back to her newborn stage. During battle, she matures into an adult physique that is more suited to combat.

The most frequent answer is; nezuko is Tanjiro’s younger sister. At the start of the story, she was 12 and he was 13. After the two-year training period, by the end of chapter 5, they are.

Nezuko Kamado age at the start of the series: 12 years old Nezuko Kamado was born on December 28. She is 12 years old and the youngest people in the show at the beginning of the anime . She weighs 45 kilograms and is 153 centimeters / 5 feet tall.

How old was Nezuko when she became a demon?

Only one year behind her brother Tanjiro, Nezuko was 12-years-old when she was turned into a demon, which makes her physically remain a pre-teen, as demon do not age.

Though she seems to have control over herself — and even had a few spells put on her to assuage her need for human blood — Nezuko is still a demon, and no one knows for sure if she’ll be able to continue resisting her natural urges forever.

What we know is that he was once a sickly, weak human at some point and he was turned into a Demon around 1700’s by some Doctor, he killed the doctor not knowing that the doctor medication was working and the doctor was working on a cure for his day light problems Ohh and he was the first demon by the way 5K views View upvotes View 1 share.

When does Nezuko turn back into human?

Yes, she does. Right before Tanjiro temporarily becomes a Demon, they are able to turn Nezuko back into a human again, and it is also through her actions as a human (and Kanao’s as well) that they are able to turn Tanjiro back into his ordinary self.

The first reason is that demons don’t need to eat humans to survive as they are immortal and they would only eat humans to gain more strength, and the only reason Nezuko doesn’t eat humans is that she see every human as her family because Urokodaki the teacher of Tanjiro hypnotized nezuko to not eat humans and see every human as her family.

Why is Nezuko so adorable?

Unlike many shonen female characters out there, Nezuko wasn’t just cute for the sake of being cute. She was also a fierce demon who killed other demons mercilessly without any hesitation. Here’s looking at five times Nezuko was adorable, and five times her presence scared the daylights out of many Demon Slayer characters.

You should be wondering “Why did Nezuko change her size in the box?”

Since Nezuko has been transformed into a demon at the start of the story, she is vulnerable to the effects of the sun too. Hence, she changes her size in order to fit inside the box. However, in a later point in the story, we see her acquiring a unique ability that lets her expose herself to the sun but not get burnt in the process.