When was nezuko born?

Nezuko Kamado was born on December 28. She is 12 years old and the youngest people in the show at the beginning of the anime . She weighs 45 kilograms and is 153 centimeters / 5 feet tall.

Nezuko JQ is a model and Instagram star who hails from Medellín, Colombia. She is known for her Instagram posts. She has amassed 425k followers on her Instagram account. On Instagram she uploads her stunning and unseen images. She was born and raised in Medellín, Colombia. JQ born in 1997 and her age is 24 years old as of 2021.

When does Nezuko turn back into human?

Yes, she does. Right before Tanjiro temporarily becomes a Demon, they are able to turn Nezuko back into a human again, and it is also through her actions as a human (and Kanao’s as well) that they are able to turn Tanjiro back into his ordinary self.

What we know is that he was once a sickly, weak human at some point and he was turned into a Demon around 1700’s by some Doctor, he killed the doctor not knowing that the doctor medication was working and the doctor was working on a cure for his day light problems Ohh and he was the first demon by the way 5K views View upvotes View 1 share.

Why did Nezuko turn into a demon?

Thus, Muzan created demons for hundreds of years even when he didn’t want to turn someone. Since he didn’t know anything about the Blue Spider Lily medicine, he needed others to find the plant for him by happenstance. This is the general reason why Muzan turned Nezuko into a demon.

So, does Nezuko ever eat a human?

The first reason is that demons don’t need to eat humans to survive as they are immortal and they would only eat humans to gain more strength, and the only reason Nezuko doesn’t eat humans is that she see every human as her family because Urokodaki the teacher of Tanjiro hypnotized nezuko to not eat humans and see every human as her family.