Why is manga so expensive in india?

I used to live in india and india have a good amount of manga readers and anime fans also. But if you tries to buy a manga online then you have to spent like 60$ or 70$. In our currency its almost like 4, 200 and 4,900 for a single volume .

Why are translated manga so expensive?

This is only a simple observation. Translated manga are super expensive because the translation company is taking almost the same cut as the original Japanese production, then you have the actual stores selling it overseas who are again taking a very large cut. That’s why you get 400-500 yen volumes being sold for $15 dollars.

What factors affect the price of manga?

Such as availability, store prices, genre, promotions, type of manga, quantity, and other certain conditions. As an amateur manga collector, the mangas that I have bought are relatively cheap.

Another frequently asked query is “Is buying manga more expensive than buying comics?”.

Buying comics, even online is more expensive than manga. I’m looking at volumes for $15 or so each, which is still a fair price for what you get. Not really expensive in japan.

You might be asking “Is $10 a volume of manga expensive?”

10$ isn’t expensive at all for a volume. You’re paying way less than a book. But for manga you might need dozens upon dozens of volumes. Most books you only need 1 to 5, maybe more for epic fantasy series like the Wheel of Time . Not sure why people think manga is so expensive.

How much does it cost to read manga online?

Manga isn’t that expensive in America, it usually ranges from $8-$10 bucks over here for one volume so i don’t think it’ll put that much of a dent in your wallet. Though i have gotten It’s your call.

Are the most expensive magazines in India the best?

In short, the most expensive magazines in India can also be assumed to be the best and best-selling that the country enjoys.

Why is anime not well paid?

So, although anime gets enough of a budget to make colouring (and rendering still artwork into a moving form) a non-issue, the individuals who are involved in that process really are not well-paid at all. Why is manga so expensive? Whether manga is expensive or not depends on a lot of factors.