Why is my hero academia rated ma?

Originally Answered: People say that My Hero Academia is overrated. What do you think? Well, I can definitely see why people would think that, because it’s more of a popular mainstream Shonen anime. It’s not overrated though.

Because its cliche, Story is pretty bad, Relies too much on fan service (Don’t say that there’s no fanservice, there is smh.) And etc. But these are my opinion. Many My Hero Academia fans praise the show like its their god, when its not, My Hero Academia is not going to be the second coming of christ, neither is it a perfect show.

It is really popular, with about 30 million manga copies sold, and over 60 million anime views probably I don’t know what stores you go to, I’ve never seen one like that, but My Hero is really popular in the West, and many people new to the genre can get behind MHA.

The My Hero Academia fandom is/got extremely toxic for a few reasons : Number one: Shipping Wars. Shipping wars are common and normal in pretty much every fandom, but I’ve never, ever seen a fandom more obsessed with the ships than the MHA fandom. It gets to the point that that the anime isn’t even part of the conversation.

Another common inquiry is “Is My Hero Academia suitable for kids?”.

My Hero Academia was first a manga created by Kohei Horikoshi that then became a widely successful anime. The show has had four seasons, and fans keep getting added to the ranks of the fandom daily.

If you stay out of this though, the MHA fandom can be so nice. Because like 90% of the fans of My Hero Academia are also in the Gacha community, and the Gacha community is known for being the most cringe and toxic. Just search “My Hero Academia Gacha life”, and you’ll know what I mean.

Why do yaoi fans Hate my Hero Academy?

Or in other words: arguing, fighting, and trying to force others to pander over some stupid sh*t. It’s why so many fans avoid the My Hero Academia community all together.

Why does my hero academia get dark?

This season of My Hero Academia takes a darker turn than the previous ones, a development that’s likely the result of All Might’s retirement after his fight with All For One.

Here is what I researched. but now Stain’s presence suggests that he no longer feels that way, and that as My Hero Academia continues, Deku may be at risk of becoming something far darker than the hero fans have always believed he’d become .

You could be wondering “Why does Deku look so bad in one piece?”

Not only does Deku push All Might away when the former number-one hero tries to help his protege, but Deku’s outward appearance radiates a menacing aura as a result of the blood, sweat and mud that cover his costume.

Is the anime fan base toxic?

A lot of the “toxic fans” are really just over-exited little kids who are just getting into anime. Really they’re just having a fun time and being kids, while other people ignore the actual problems that go on in the fan base.

How does Fumikage become dark shadow?

According to Mezo Shoji, Fumikage’s negative emotions (such as regret and indignation) can intensify this version of Dark Shadow, giving it enough power to defy Fumikage’s commands and gradually take over his body with its expanding darkness.

How does dark shadow work?

Dark Shadow effectively acts like Fumikage’s personal guardian, functioning as a living appendage that follows all of its master’s commands. It is sentient, capable of speech and loyally protects its host, regardless of the state it finds itself in.