Does tanjiro master fire?

Tanjiro is a natural fire breath user and a descendant of Yorichi. He used water breathing because he trained under a former water pillar. But when it comes to strong opponents he uses his natural fire breathing as the dominant one and water breathing when he needs it, to aid in battle.

The next thing we asked ourselves was: why does Tanjiro do the fire dance?

There’s also the mystery of Tanjiro’s burn scar. We don’t find out during the series how he got it, so it’s a mystery from his past. It symbolically associates him with fire, which gets us thinking about mysteries in his past related to fire, which eventually leads to the fire dance.

When I was reading we ran into the query “What is Tanjiro’s dance of the fire god?”.

As a demon slayer, he’s finally able to use this remarkably powerful family style. As the style’s name implies, the Dance of the Fire God is a fire-based style, so Tanjiro has access to both water and fire techniques.

Does tanjiro know fire breathing?

Yes, but by far we have only seen Tanjiro use it. First he was a water breath user. But during the fight with Rui and then with upper moon 6 he switches to fire breathing, since it was something he knew from childhood.

When water doesn’t do the trick, it’s time to deploy fire. During a particularly hard fight, Tanjiro has a flashback to his younger days, and realizes that when he was just a child, his father secretly taught him a super-powerful breathing style known as Dance of the Fire God.

The Water Breathing techniques that Tanjiro uses in combat look as if they enhance his blade with a source of flowing water, but the magic behind these abilities never seems to extend past visually stunning viewers. At no time does the water created by Tanjiro’s blade leave a lasting effect on the battlefield.

Why is Tanjiro so powerful?

One advantage that Tanjiro has over other Demon Slayers is the Hinokami Kagura, which translates into the Dance of the Fire God. It’s one of the earliest and most powerful Breathing Styles ever created which has been secretly passed down through his family for generations.

This of course begs the query “Is Tanjiro a demon in Kimetsu?”

) is the main protagonist of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. He is also a Demon Slayer in the Demon Slayer Corps, who joined to find a remedy to cure his sister, Nezuko Kamado, who got turned into a Demon. Tanjiro is a young man with rather tanned skin and an athletic physique.

One such Slayer is Tanjiro Kamado, who became a Demon Slayer to find the entity responsible for killing his family and turning his sister Nezuko into a Demon. One advantage that Tanjiro has over other Demon Slayers is the Hinokami Kagura, which translates into the Dance of the Fire God.