Why does nezuko still wear a muzzle?

Therefore, Nezuko wears the muzzle to ensure that she never has a chance to taste human blood, either because the hypnosis wears off or just through random chance (for example, in the heat of battle she could wind up biting someone or just getting blood splashed in her mouth from someone’s wound).

I can dig a little deeper. since Nezuko never actually tasted human blood, the muzzle prevents her from getting any in her mouth, whether by accident or purposefully.

While it’s Nezuko’s unparalleled indomitable will and the hypnosis that has her view all humans as her family that keeps her from devouring humans, the bamboo muzzle she wears is still a necessity.

I learned nezuko is Demon Slayer’s pacifist Demon, partially due to the bamboo muzzle curbing her bloodlust. Here’s what makes it an essential failsafe. A part of what makes Nezuko Demon Slayer’s darling is her signature look.

Why is Nezuko so important in one piece?

Being a sole survivor of demons with his brother Tanjiro, she herself is in a constant struggle with becoming a demon and retaining her humanity. It’s one of the reasons why Nezuko has been an important character in the show.

After turning into a demon, Nezuko still contains her human consciousness while in her demonic state. Other demons that she and Tanjiro have encountered noticed that Nezuko is different from their kind. Instead of relying on human blood to survive, she uses sleep to revitalize her energy.

Though she seems to have control over herself — and even had a few spells put on her to assuage her need for human blood — Nezuko is still a demon, and no one knows for sure if she’ll be able to continue resisting her natural urges forever.

Some have found that a part of what makes Nezuko Demon Slayer’s darling is her signature look. Her pastel pink eyes and matching pink kimono certainly add to her charm, but the small bamboo muzzle she keeps over her mouth truly sets her apart from other characters in the series.