Does nezuko become human in the anime?

The answer is YES! Nezuko will turn back to human thanks to Tamayo’s medicine. On Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Chapter 196, Tamayo gave Nezuko the medicine, and she became human again. Does Nezuko get cured in the anime?

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Because of the thing they went through together Both Tanjiro and Nezuko they have become very close siblings who love each other very much. They are the two last direct family members they have.

Another frequent question is “Does Nezuko like zenitsu?”.

Lets dig in. nezuko would often respond by moving and scratching her box, suggesting that she enjoyed listening to Zenitsu’s stories. As Nezuko returns to humanity, she starts to remember her time as a Demon and in particular a memory of Zenitsu gifting her flowers, hinting she does see him in a good light.

It’s simply a strong familial love between them, with Tanjiro striving to find a cure for Nezuko’s demonization and Nezuko being able to overcome her demon instincts by remembering their family. Who is Giyuu in love with?

Is Nezuko still a demon?

Though she seems to have control over herself — and even had a few spells put on her to assuage her need for human blood — Nezuko is still a demon, and no one knows for sure if she’ll be able to continue resisting her natural urges forever.

How did Nezuko become a demon?

What we know is that he was once a sickly, weak human at some point and he was turned into a Demon around 1700’s by some Doctor, he killed the doctor not knowing that the doctor medication was working and the doctor was working on a cure for his day light problems Ohh and he was the first demon by the way 5K views View upvotes View 1 share.

Thus, Muzan created demons for hundreds of years even when he didn’t want to turn someone. Since he didn’t know anything about the Blue Spider Lily medicine, he needed others to find the plant for him by happenstance. This is the general reason why Muzan turned Nezuko into a demon.

Nezuko has died and seems to have been reborn within the Reiwa period within the epilogue, which is ready 100 years after the final battle. With Chapter 205 of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, the story got here to an in depth, with a serious time soar that propelled the collection’ universe three generations ahead to present-day Tokyo.

Who killed Tanjiro’s family?

While Demon Slayer Chapter 1 doesn’t provide an answer to who killed Tanjiro’s family, this is answered a few chapters later. Muzan Kibutsuji, the progenitor of all demons and indirectly Demon Slayers, is revealed as the one who turned Tanjiro’s family.