Does eren yeager turn evil?

Eren wasn’t born evil. His actions are guided and fueled by the unfortunate and horrific events that he had to bear throughout the course of his life. By Kit Morris Published Oct 02, 2021 At the beginning of Attack on Titan, Eren was the main protagonist. He wanted to join the Survey Corps and kill the titans.

This is the first reason. The second reason is related to Eren’s fragile psyche, which had been fracturing for a while. Faced with all the truths and the inevitable choices, Eren’s psyche ultimately fractured completely and that is the second reason because of which he turned evil.

Another thing we asked ourselves was why did eren yeager turn evil?

Like most shounen main characters, Eren had an idealistic dream. The dream was broken when Eren realized that there was a human being beyond his walls. The sudden loss of “hero-like” characters such as morality and optimism led to Eren being described as the complete opposite, an evil person.

Eren’s villainous transformation really started after the 4-year time skip (Chapter 91) when he began to think maturely and more about the future. However, it’s later revealed that Eren’s actions went in this direction just so he can manipulate the Founding Titan. Is Armin a girl?

Does Eren become bad?

There is no good or bad, no right or wrong. There is only Eren Yeager. He’s neither good nor bad, thats the point for any character in this story., and he’s bad.

Sad to say, Eren won’t be good until the end of the series because of his goals and perspectives. But he isn’t a villain either. By Chapter 139, Eren revealed his plan to Armin .

Short Answer Currently, Eren has not died in Attack on Titan. In view of certain observations and foreshadowing along with the direction of the story, we believe that Eren will die at the end of the series.