Why do anime sites buffer so much?

My internet is pretty average, most of the time being sh*t. So, pretty much every anime streaming website I visit, it buffers like hell. It isn’t true for one website.

There might be various reasons why your anime keeps buffering:

It’s possible that your internet connection isn’t fast enough (do a speedtest)
The website server might be very slow because it does happen
There might be an issue with your computer, or your firewall might be blocking these websites
Or perhaps it’s simply “fake buffering” to get you to click, so you can see some pop-up ads.

You could be wondering “Why does 9 anime keep buffering?”

Well, an ad blocker can probably be responsible for 9anime buffering or not working properly if you have one installed. One common 9Anime error caused by ab blocker is 9Anime won’t display episodes or will buffer after a while. What you can do to stop the buffering is to pause the video for 30 second to a minute and after hit play again.

If it’s fast, there’s an issue with the website’s servers; if it’s not, it’s simply your internet connection. Simply go to settings and look it up to see whether the firewall is blocking. Note: these anime sites are pirate sites.

Why does YouTube keep buffering on and off?

Or perhaps it’s simply “fake buffering” to get you to click, so you can see some pop-up ads. What can you do to stop the buffering? You may always upgrade to a faster internet connection. If that isn’t the issue, open You. Tube and observe if the videos load quickly or slowly.

And internet issues that might be the culprit of buffering problems include: Technical problems on your ISP (Internet Service Provider) side or they might be having overload with traffic. Not enough bandwidth speed from your internet to support the video quality that you are streaming.

You could be asking “What is buffering and how to fix it?”

Buffering is your computer downloading the video faster than it plays. If it cant downloaded the and played the video at the same time, it will stop and create a buffer between the play time and download time. For the most part, slow video buffering problems can be fixed with just a simple steps. Rarely are these problems are hardware related.

How does buffering work when streaming video?

Nearly all video streaming services have buffering enabled on their platform to provide users with an uninterrupted streaming experience. However, you need a good internet connection for the buffered data to be loaded before your stream.

What happened to the 9anime homepage?

9anime home page! Today, the homepage of 9anime isn’t loading at all. It just shows texts and includes “Home”, “Genre” and every genres are being shown.