Will anime ever be real?

However, much like western media, there are stories in anime that are based on real-life events as well. There is actually a large amount of anime based on real events, whether they be large scale or events that simply happened to the author.

Can anime be real life?

On the other hand if you mean real as in some one you can date, talk to, and erm do that other 3rd thing. Then you can. In your No but seriously look up lucid dreaming really cool stuff. Anime is now real. What are the consequences? An anime life could actually exist.

Some anime feature characters whom the audience can relate to on a realistic level. Every story benefits from a bit of decoration, but it’s refreshing to see shows occasionally depict their characters in a more realistic sense. … There is no shortage of realistic characters in the world, especially in anime.

While we were reading we ran into the query “What does “make anime real” mean?”.

I discovered “Make Anime Real” is an expression used in tongue-in-cheek endorsements of political candidates, indicating they will magically transform anime characters into real life people if elected to office.

What anime really is?

“Toradora” is one that I have already started on again and, if I am being completely honest, I am not exactly sure why. On the other hand, “Log Horizon” is a series that I have been meaning to re-visit for a long time now, as it is one of my favorite The Toaru Series. Some additional items to pay attention too: re: creators, and psycho-pass.

Is anime really that bad?

Anime is an artistic form of expression that expresses good and bad. Anime can have positive effects as well as it can have negative effects on life. Anime can have a positive influence as well as bad influence on you. It is up to the viewer to decide based on his moral upbringing.

You get the overwhelming idea that ,anything is possible when you try. Spend your time learning facts of life with a hint of comedy. Moreover Watching anime just makes you feel all emotional and stuff (which is kinda necessary at some point ).

Do anime characters have personalities?

Much like in any other medium, anime has a plethora of characters. From nice to evil, from tsundere to air-headed, there is truly no scarcity of characters with unique personalities. There are also popular characters who are loved by fans for doing things that would normally raise red flags in the minds of people in the real world.